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Healthy snack ideas

26 Aug 2017

Sometimes snacking is difficult when the majority of snacks these days are processed, full of nasty additives such as sugar/salt/fat so below is a list of healthy snacks I enjoy that are super easy to make! Hope you find inspiration from them. 1. Fruit salad. In New Zealand, it’s summer over the holidays and there are so many fresh fruits in season! I can always be found munching on a fruit salad with apricots, peaches, strawberries, cherimoya, nectarine - just tons of delicious fruits! 2. Smoothie Bowls. Smoothies are simple, refreshing and delicious! Served in a coconut, watermelon, rockmelon or pineapple bowl and topped with rolled oats, banana coins, pomegranate seeds, shredded coconut, chia seeds, linseeds, cacao nibs and berries is one of my favourite summer snacks! 3. Frozen banana and berry popsicles. Simply make a thick berry smoothie, peel bananas and insert a popsicle stick into one end then coat them in the smoothie and sprinkle with cinnamon/cacao nibs/coconut (or melted dark chocolate). Place on a lined tray overnight in the freezer and in the morning you will have a healthier and more flavourful alternative to ice creams and popsicles! 4. Coffee iceblocks. Personally, I adore (am slightly addicted to) coffee, so I like to make a big batch of almond/coconut/oat milk coffee, allow it cool then freeze it in popsicle trays with a popsicle stick. Super refreshing and delicious on a hot summers day! 5. Pitaya, mango and strawberry kebabs. This is one of my favourite flavour combinations ever, especially on a hot day. Pitaya is also known as dragonfruit and I can’t get enough of it! I dice pitaya, mango, strawberries and sometimes orange then put cubes of each of these onto a kebab stick, serve fresh and refrigerate any left overs. (However, I barely ever have leftovers though because these are so delicious!) 6. Frozen peas. It sounds odd but I love frozen peas and snacking on a generous bowl of them is the perfect and healthy addition to any day! 7. Sushi. There is tons of vegan sushi options available and enjoying a few pieces of fresh vegetable, steamed kumara and tofu sushi is a healthy, fulfilling snack that I eat all the time! With a teriyaki, sweet chilli and black tahini dipping sauce, this can be turned into a explosion of flavour. 8. Hummus with celery and carrot sticks. I make my own hummus frequently but there is tons of hummus options available at supermarkets or you can make your own like I do, using one of the many recipes found with a quick google search. Alternatively, Fix and Fogg make a delicious ‘smoke and fire’ peanut butter which pairs perfectly with crackers or in place of hummus. 9. Boiled apple slices. I like to boil apple slices or cubes in lemon juice, water and cinnamon for a yummy after-dinner snack. (Mixed with coconut cream is dreamy too) A bit like stewed apples/apple pudding or macca’s apple pie! 10. Chia and linseed pudding. I eat this for dessert often and it’s totally delicious! Just soak chia seeds and ground linseeds in some almond, coconut, rice, oat or soy milk overnight and serve with berries, cinnamon and fresh fruit. (Nut Butters and chocolate are yum too!) 11.. Seaweed. You buy sushi seaweed from Asian grocery stores and supermarkets. I cut up some sushi nori seaweed into rectangles/triangles and eat them plain or fry them in soy sauce, coconut oil and spices - totally delicious and healthy!