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Amino Mantra

All NZ

At Amino Mantra we prefer our plants in the buff, just like mother nature made them. When it comes to health and flavour, we don’t mess around. Nor do we mess around with nature. We make it easy to sustain a nutritionally complete plant-based diet, carefully selecting plants, legumes and seeds for their maximum nutritional value, then artfully combine them with yummy natural herbs and spices. The result? Delicious food, minimally processed and free from unnecessary additives. No gluten, processed starches, protein powders, soy or tree nuts: just vegetables, legumes, seeds, herbs and spices. So whether you’re plant-based every day or some days, you can trust our products will nourish your body, bring a smile to your soul and leave a lighter footprint on our planet.

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Angel Food

All NZ

Plant-based & divine. Angel Food develop and distribute and export delicious dairy-free and vegan products.


Au Natural Skinfood

All NZ

For Your Skin. For Your Planet. Anti Aging Facial Oil, Super Fruit Concentrate Eye Serum, On The Go Mineral Powders

Baby Vegan

All NZ

Vegan baby food for ages 6-12 months, branded clothing for all ages and photography.

BB Microgreen

All NZ

We grow fresh veganic grade microgreens for restaurants, cafeteria and homes. Our products include peas, radish, mustard, wheatgrass...just to name a few. We have easy home-growing kits suitable for all age and experience.

Be Good Organics

All NZ

Plant-based naturopath & nutritionist, blog, plant based recipes, and online shop.

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All NZ

All vegan, organic and fair trade chocolate.

Better Base

All NZ

The Better Base is here to help you build an amazing, healthier, more sustainable Plant-Based Lifestyle. Check out the website for more info on whole plant foods and access your free week of Ridiculously Good Recipes!

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All NZ

Inspired by Nature – pure and balanced. Vegan wines crafted with care at a family winery in sunny Nelson.

Blue Earth

All NZ

We craft beautifully handmade and cruelty free soaps and botanical skin/body care from the finest natural ingredients.

Choose Food

All NZ

Choose Food can be described in three slices. The products, the social & community philosophy and shared information and content. Each can stand on its own merit and each supports the other two. As a single unit, Choose Food Limited is a collaboration and exploration of ideas, ideals and products.

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Coffee Club

All NZ

Due to increased demand The Coffee Club have introduced a new vegan menu with a range of vegan meals and snacks on offer.

Doctors Choice Yoghurt

All NZ

Our Dairy Free coconut yogurt is made with organic coconut cream, vegan cultures and nothing else. Probiotics help to look after your internal flora and fauna and with absolutely no additives you can be sure it is a healthy option for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For something more exotic try the Chocolate or Passionfruit varieties. You can find us at most organic stores throughout the country and also in some supermarkets, usually the ones who have speciality organic or vegan sections.

Flourish Accounting

All NZ

Chartered Accountant to count your beans and lentils (in other words, personal and small business accounting)

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All NZ

Friendlypak products contain renewable and sustainable resources and are guaranteed not to last… After use they can be composted and returned to the earth, called Cradle to Cradle, saving landfill and enhancing our environment.

Fry’s Family Foods NZ

All NZ

By creating and manufacturing tasty vegan, meat free alternative products – we assist in minimising the detrimental impact that the meat, fish, poultry and dairy industries currently have on our beautiful planet. The more we serve this cause the more the human consciousness as a whole will understand the need to minimise the impact we humans are inflicting on the environment. This is our commitment and moral reason for being who we are.


All NZ

Genoese Plant-Based Pesto is crafted in small batches using our specially grown fresh basil, blended with select dairy-free and vegan friendly ingredients. Ideal for people who choose a plant-based lifestyle or have dietary requirements.

GNS Imports

All NZ

We are NZ based food distributor for Linda McCartney (LMC), Vegan Rob's, Creative Nature. We operate with ethical business standards and take pride in representing products with integrity. Vegan friendly.

Goodtime Pies

All NZ

Goodtime pies have three vegan 'Hub' brand pies that supply Z espress petrol stations.

Hopeworks Foundation

All NZ

The Hopeworks Foundation is passionate about changing the way that the public, private and medical sectors look at disability and the ways in which they communicate. We are driven to create a solid foundation upon which those with neurological conditions and brain injuries can be empowered through informed choices, information and understanding. We practice the ethos of 'do no harm' in both vision and action, and wholeheartedly support the compassionate values of vegan living.

Jester's Pies

All NZ

Jester's stores are throughout the north island and offer a vegan pie, as featured in the vegan society pie awards 2018.

Kai Box

All NZ

At the Kai Box our goal is to help people create delicious plant-based meals at home. Try new recipes, explore new flavours, and experience the many benefits a vegan lifestyle can bring to you and your family without the fuss.

Little Island Creamery

All NZ

In 2010 two buddies, Tommy and James, set about creating delicious plant based foods to satisfy the most discerning of customers: their children. A roaring success, so began the mission to provide great tasting ethical and organic plant based products for all.

Lothlorien Winery

All NZ

Organic, from our trees, to your table Feijoa wines, sparkling and still. Fruit juices.

Moana Park Winery

All NZ

New Zealands most awarded boutique winery at the Decanter World Wine Awards Clean wine with less additives that's better for you.

Oasis Beauty

All NZ

Oasis Beauty are committed to three basic principles – great, affordable products that work; no ‘nasty’ ingredients and absolutely no animal testing.

Pita Pit

All NZ

All Pita Pit stores offer a wide range of vegan fillings, proteins, sauces and seasonings. The plain, wholemeal, and gluten free pitas are all vegan too.

Ponsonby News

All NZ

Ponsonby News has been published monthly since 1989.

Proper Handcooked Crisps

All NZ

Proper Handcooked Crisps & Crunch Corn Marlborough Sea Salt, Smoked Paprika, Rosemary & Thyme, Sea Salt & Vinegar. Kumara Crisps, Parsnip Crisps, Kumara Chipotle & Garlic, Garden Medley, Brett McGregor Kumara. Crunch Corn: Marlborough Sea Salt, Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt


All NZ

Bread, Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free… Vegan Grain and Vegan Young Buck (gluten free). Order online.

Purity Fragrances

All NZ

Purity Fragrances’ aim is to provide – natural, beautiful and inspiring fragrances for women and men. Purity Fragrances is a brand all about delivering a unique natural fragrance and positive experience, that benefits total wellbeing – body, mind and soul.

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Raglan Coconut Yoghurt

All NZ

Joy in a jar! Probiotic, dairy-free coconut yoghurt handmade with love in Raglan.


All NZ

Organic, dairy free, vegan cultured nut cheese. Savour supports the movement towards a plant based diet for health, environmental and ethical reasons. Their mission is simply to produce delectable and tempting plant based foods.

Second Chance Gowns

All NZ

Secondhand ball dresses for sale for school balls and special events.

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Second Nature Films

All NZ

An independent film production company created to celebrate and raise awareness about our natural environment and to celebrate the lives of people with whom we share this planet.

Snazzy Shop

All NZ

At Snazzy Shop we love handbags and wallets that are that little bit different from the rest. A bag that shows off to the world with fun, colourful, playful designs but also has great functionality and are vegan!

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All NZ

Stir It Up! by Harvest offers a carefully selected range of Dairy-free milk powders. Tasty, Creamy and suitable to drink just by themselves.

Tashi Superfood

All NZ

'TASHI' Premium plant protein is 100% natural, highly digestable, a rich source of amino acids & supports digestive health & muscle building.

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The Breadman

All NZ

Probably the only 100% Vegan speciality bread bakery in Aotearoa! At The Breadman we pride ourselves on our Rye and Sourdough breads made in traditional European styles using organic ingredients. You can find us at most organic stores throughout the country and also in some supermarkets, usually the ones who have speciality organic or vegan sections. Some of our breads and crackers are gluten free, almost everything is yeast free. Everything is made with simple ingredients and definitely no added sugar.

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Vegan Supply

All NZ

Vegan supply are Wholesale Distributors and Retailers of 100% Plant Based products. Organic - Dairy Free - Activated - Raw - Gluten Free - No Animal ingredients. Meat Less Meat. Paleo

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Veggie Delights

All NZ

Veggie Delights (Life Health Foods) are passionate about producing great tasting, fresh, healthy and convenient plant-based foods. See their website for full product range.


All NZ

No one should miss out on delicious ice cream! Wahiki's award winning ice cream is better for you, healthier, low in sugar and less calories. You can have the creamiest, densest, tastiest ice cream you’ve ever had, guilt free. It's also NZ's first coeliac certified ice cream and it's vegan, dairy free and cruelty free! Made from 100% premium coconut milk and no artificial flavours and preservatives, enjoy four flavours with less than 10g of sugar. It doesn't any better than this! Vanilla, Chocolate, Mango, Matcha and Turmeric Latte to blow your taste buds away.

Waiheke Herbs

All NZ

Herb Spread Regular & Garlic Free; Organic Herb Spread Regular & Garlic Free

Wholefood Living

All NZ

Whole Food Living is your online resource for news, views and interviews on evidence based eating. Currently produced in Auckland, we're focused on health and on encouraging the general public in New Zealand and Australia to adopt a whole food plant-based diet.