7 day meal plan

Try Vegan: 7 day meal plan

Wondering what to eat on a vegan diet? Try this delicious meal plan.

All the recipes are intended to serve 2 people, sometimes with leftovers. 
Day 6 and 7 are designed to be weekends with brunch. Click the day for recipes and full details.

You can also download the nutritional content of the menu items with full details here.

Created for the Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand by Emily Lewis

Day 1


Spiced butter beans with herbs

Pesto risotto with roasted courgette

Day 2

Avocado on toast

Citrus kale salad

Roasted ratatouille 

Day 3

Hearty breakfast smoothie

Hummus & vege sandwich

Broccoli curry udon

Day 4

Fruit salad

Homemade instant noodles

3 bean chili

Day 5


Italian pasta salad

Minimalist butter chickpeas

Day 6

Scrambled tofu

Lentil & apple salad

Macaroni & ‘cheese’ bake

Day 7

Hearty pancakes

Quick sprout salad

Tempeh & potato tacos

Snacks & tips

Snack ideas


Chocolate chip cookies