MasterChef Eco Warrior

MasterChef winner of 2013, Aaron Brunet has since gone on to become a plant-based vegan and eco-warrior. He now writes a plant-based food column in the NZ Herald Bite magazine and teaches plant-based cooking.

Aaron is one of the new breed of passionate foodies who have embraced eating plant based for wellness and vitality, as well as great taste. Aaron sees a plant-based diet as a fresh and fun creative challenge. “I’m enjoying food more than I have for years. As well as getting lots of pleasure from the actual eating of it, the underlying knowledge that I’m looking after myself and the planet and animals adds a deeper layer of satisfaction.”

I’ve examined my principles and values and found a way to be in the world that enhances my sense of integrity and gives me a new sense of clarity. Making a different choice about the food I eat made total sense to me because I could do it right now, and it would have the biggest effect.