Competitive Runner & Former Triathlete

I am vegan in general because I believe it is the healthiest way to be and being a competitive runner, you are what you put in. I am strictly vegan however, because my morals will not allow me to be any other way. When I did a physics paper at university I remember my lecturer talking to us about waves and he said “a wave is a wave is a wave” meaning regardless of the makeup of the wave – it is still a wave. This can be applied to the suffering of animals – suffering is suffering is suffering. Regardless of what is suffering it is still suffering and it is our moral obligation as humans to recognise and prevent as much suffering as we can.

One of the biggest reasons why we separate ourselves from other animals is because we have morals, to me this means to ignore them is worse than having none at all. When I train for triathlon or a run, I am training- so when I go into a race I can beat as many people as possible regardless of background, age or sex, in turn doing my bit in proving that being vegan is not weak or unhealthy.

Being vegan to me represents strength of mind, body and soul and through competitions I intend to show the world just how vegan I am.