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I never took pleasure in the idea of eating other sentient beings but I always rationalised it as normal behaviour. I was a big fan of the paleo diet which reinforced this frame of mind – we have always eaten meat, we’ve evolved to eat meat and that’s the way of the world. But just because it’s ‘normal’ doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing.

Like many others who have made the change, our transition started with education. We watched Earthlings. Nothing could have prepared us for something so heart-wrenching and moving. I have seen my fair share of PETA movies and factory farm horror snippets over the years but I always told myself ‘I’ll buy free-range instead’ to assuage my guilt. Watching Earthlings made me aware of the ‘costs’ in terms of suffering and miss-treatment paid by other sentient beings for the sake of my food choices.

I always thought vegetarians and vegans were crazy hippies who weren’t ‘realistic’ about the world. Now I admire them for reducing the amount of suffering in a cruel world and for helping save our planet so our kids and grandkids will have more than just a fried, greenhouse gas choked wasteland to enjoy when they grow up.

My key message for those thinking of making the switch is that it’s easier than you think! Your wallet will thank you, you will be helping the environment and you’ll be doing your body a favour too. Plus you’ll take a little bit of suffering out of the world as well.

Outside of real estate, I am passionate about plant-based food, climate change, finding ways to donate effectively, working with nice people, CrossFit, NFL and spending time with loved ones.