The NZ Vegan Sausage Awards

Welcome to the 2020 Vegan Sausage Awards!

Last year we brought you the first of our Awards to celebrate the humble vegan sausage. We had an amazing array of competitors from home and abroad, showcasing their sausages, hotdogs and sausage rolls. This year proves to be as popular as ever.

Who doesn't love a breakfast banger? A quick sausage sizzle? We want to show NZ that 100% plant based sausages are just as tasty, just as fun and just as versatile as the usual animal based ones.

There are some fabulous vegan sausages available in our supermarkets these days and we encourage more people to give them a try. We want to show who has the best sausages!

Who would you like to see in these awards? Registration is open until 22nd June and the Awards will be judged on 30th June. Be in to win! Not just for sausages, we are keen to award hotdogs and sausage rolls too, so bring us your best of those too. They will go into the running for the following awards, Breakfast, Hotdog, Sausage roll, Gluten Free, Kiwi Made, International, Supreme.

We will be awarding both Kiwi made and international sausages as well as an overall winner, so get your nominations in for your favourite vegan sausage by emailing us at

Are you a sausage maker who would like to enter the awards?

100% plant based sausages, hotdogs and sausage rolls will be accepted for judging until 22nd June.

Your products must be available commercially.

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