Beet Wellington

Beet Wellington recipe



1x Vegan puff pastry

500g beetroot, 300g Button mushrooms

3 tbsp. plant butter

150g spinach leaves, 360g baby carrots

Splash of truffle oil

1 tbsp. molasses, 1 Pomegranate

300ml Rich brown sauce

2g Rosemary and 5g thyme

50ml Extra virgin hemp oil

2 cloves Garlic

20g Pumpkin seeds

20g Sunflower seeds




Cut out the beetroot to rounds about 6cm across, and 6cm deep x 3 pieces.

Place in a deep baking tray and put a couple spoonfuls of olivani, seasoning, garlic clove and thyme and rosemary, cover the tray with tinfoil and seal then place in a preheated oven at 185 fan forced until the beetroot is tender (about 30 mins), spoon the juices over the beetroot and let cool.

Dice up the mushrooms and cook in a little hemp oil until the mushrooms are really tender and the mix is dry, season add truffle  or truffle oil, take off and cool.

Saute the spinach leaves at high heat until starting to wilt then remove. Cool

Lay pastry on the bench, the size of a nori sheet is good.

Spread the wilted spinach on the pastry leaving space at the top to seal the pastry, then place the mushroom over that.

Finally place the cooked beetroot at the bottom.

Roll like sushi and when you reach the end pinch it and seal the ends. Make sure the join doesn’t overlap to much so that it doesn’t end up raw when you cook it.

On a baking tray place the wellington and bake until golden occasionally brushing with melted olivani to get that golden finish.

Make your favourite brown sauce and add pomegranate molasses to it reducing to your preferred consistency. 

Poach your baby carrots in a little plant butter and season.

Slice the wellington 3cm per slice and you will instantly small the fragrant truffle along with the earthiness of the beetroot, place on a plate add the baby carrots and sprinkle over the toasted seeds and pomegranate seeds. Spoon over your sauce and enjoy.


Gourmet Recipes from Gerarrd O’Keefe from The Heritage Hotel, Auckland