Ditching dairy is way easier than it sounds! Especially since there are so many delicious alternatives available!

You’ll find most options below in your local supermarket too… Talk about easy?!

Here’s our ULTIMATE guide to all things non-dairy!


Cut the cravings and check out our list of vegan cheese options. From feta, to cheddar and mozzarella, we got you covered…

Milk and cream

Looking for an alternative? From soy, to oat, coconut or rice, we got it here + more…


Baking doesn’t have to come to an end! Check out these delicious butter + margarine alternatives!

Chocolate Drops


You’ll be shocked at the well-known brands who now stock vegan chocolate in their range!

Ice cream

An array of the best vegan icecream options available!

Yoghurt and desserts

Yoghurt, Chia Seed Pots, Chocolate Desserts + more…