You’ll find the below options at almost any large supermarket near you.

Some margarines can contain dairy, so it’s always best to check the label before you buy. Most margarines contain palm oil too, so if you’re hoping to avoid that, then check out our tip regarding olive oil below as well.


Olivani’s range comes in, normal, light, and avocado. They are great for baking, as well as sandwiches! 


Nuttelex is available across New Zealand supermarkets and holds great flavour. They now include a coconut flavour which is palm oil free. 

Alfa One Dairy-Free Coconut Spread

Recently added product by Alfa One spreads, and this time suitable for vegans AND palm oil free! Available in some supermarkets.

Olive Oil

As an alternative to margarine for toast and sandwiches, pour olive oil into a tub and freeze. Once frozen store in the fridge and it’s now spreadable.

Naturli‘s Vegan Butter Block

Vegan Butter Block

Recently released, Naturli’s vegan butter block is organic and the perfect substitute for real butter! 
They also have a spreadable version which tastes buttery and amazing too!



This plant-based butter is made with real food – no numbers or weird names! Vutter has no palm oil, soy, gluten, added sugar or nuts! It’s perfect for cooking, baking or simply spreading.