Your one stop source to vegan cheese options in New Zealand!

“But I couldn’t live without cheese”… we hear this a lot! We’ve found that this is the hardest to give up! And no wonder… It’s apparently addictive! According to a Stuff NZ Article, cheese can be “as addictive as crack”. Who would’ve guessed!?

But the good news is, there is an array of vegan cheese alternatives available to satisfy your tastebuds and keep those cravings at bay! Each vegan cheese has it’s own unique taste so if one doesn’t appeal to you at first, try another! It’s that easy.  

Check out the list of vegan cheeses available in New Zealand down below. And while you’re at it, view their websites for full details and list of flavours! For instance, Green Vie sells vegan versions of Feta, Blue Cheese, and Gouda. Yum!!

= Vegan Society business member

= Some or all products are Vegan Certified


Angel Food

Website: Angel Food


Website: Savour


Website: Delishu


Website: Terranut


Website: Zenzo


Website: Veesey

My Life Bio

Website: My Life Bio


Website: Vegusto

Bute Island

Website: Bute Island


Website: VBites

Green Vie

Website: Green Vie

Green Vie Cheese


Website: Tofutti

Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese