Vegan Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Vegans and those lactose-intolerant, can officially rejoice! If you’ve recently turned vegan and are curious about the ice cream options available to you, then don’t hesitate to check out the list of options we have for you below!

The variety of vegan ice creams that are now available have changed the game! We have the likes of Ben and Jerry’s and our very own Tip Top recreating classic creations in order to bring us the alternative.

Not only are the options out there incredibly delicious, but they are available in almost every supermarket across the country! There are so many to choose from, you’ll end up just wanting to buy the lot!

Check out our list of vegan ice creams available in New Zealand down below including a link to their website for further details and a full list of flavours… Talk about yum!


= Vegan Society business member

= Some or all products are Vegan Certified


Little Island

Website: Little Island

So Good

Website: So Good Ice Cream

Like Licks

Website: Like Licks


Website: Coyo

Website: Magnum

Magnum's Dairy Free Icecreams

Ben & Jerry’s
Website: Ben & Jerry’s

Ben and Jerrys Non Dairy Frozen Dessert


Website: Wahiki

Website: Cornetto

Vegan Cornetto

Nice Blocks

Website: Nice Blocks

Website: TipTop

TipTop Dairy Free Ice cream