The best Dairy Free?   YOU DECIDE!

We are running our third Dairy Free Awards over this coming February and we want your help to make it better than ever.

Our Dairy Free Awards have always been a People’s Choice Awards, with our members and social media supporters voting from a number of options picked by our board.

Many of you wanted different options, so now it’s your chance to really make this a People’s Choice Award. Whether you enjoy the many dairy free products available here in Aotearoa, or whether you run a business making the products, as long as it’s 100% plant based, you are welcome to tell us about it.

We want your nominations for the best products in each of these 4 categories. Tell us the full product name and the company who makes it and we’ll put the most popular ones up for voting in February. You can make up to 2 nominations in each category.

And if you want to try some more options before you decide, check out a bunch of great dairy free alternatives here:

The categories you can vote in are:


Ice Cream



Select your favourites here >>
by 31 January 2022

Keep in touch with us on Facebook and Insta to see when the voting begins, or keep checking back to this page 🙂