General Practitioner

I’m a General practitioner doctor and doing my best to put myself out of a job, by helping people change their lifestyle, particularly diet, so they don’t get the diseases most of our population get sick and die from. I’ve worked in hospitals, as a surgeon and in public health but it was only in 2012, 14 years after I graduated, that I discovered the strength of the published scientific evidence in showing that eating a whole foods, plant based diet is optimal for our health and preventing and treating most of our common causes of illness and death. The Theory was one thing but since then I’ve had so many patients benefit from eating this way which encourages me to tell every patient i see with a relevant condition.

I have two vegan children thriving on this diet and compete nationally and internationally at triathlon and mountain bike racing. Changing my diet and lifestyle in this was is the most profound change I have ever made, as much for the Fairness to animals ethics and huge environmental benefits ad aligns all my values in one go.

Come and see me for advice or help if you are interested, I’m at 4 Kauri Media Centre in Mount Albert, or available by Skype.