Date: 01 Feb 2019
Author: The Vegan Society Aotearoa

What is FebNoDairy?

It’s OUR chance to help our environment and our health by trialing plant alternatives to dairy products over February! Foregoing dairy foods for FebNoDairy could be good for our health, good for our rivers and great for reducing our global emissions. A recent Brunton Colmar poll suggests that over 80% of Kiwis would support action to clean up our rivers and by eliminating and reducing dairy you can take action yourself. With the costs of dairy products rising, you may be surprised by how cheap it is to go dairy-free 🙂 Of course it is great for those with allergies too.


6 Great reasons to forgo dairy

– Its good for our rivers and waterways to be free of dairy farm run off
– Its good for our health to drink plant milk instead of hormones and saturated fats
– Good for our wallets, as many plant milks are easy to make at home
– Good for the atmosphere because plants create oxygen, and take in damaging emissions
– Its good for sustainability as plants require significantly less land and water than cows
– Its good for humanity to not harm animals in the production of dairy milk


How can Kiwis join FebNoDairy?

Going dairy free for the month can be easy.
Head on over to our dairy alternatives page.


What about the Govt?

We are also calling on the New Zealand government to reduce the importance of dairy in our economy and our health. We have only 12 years in which to effectively manage climate change, New Zealand should lead the way and reduce our dairy production for the future of global food security. Much of our dairy production is for export, whilst our rivers and land resources suffer the consequences, we need to put ourselves first and do our part in meeting the Paris Agreement. Our current Eating and Activity Guidelines also need updating in the light of scientific evidence and the dire need to create sustainable food practices.


Make your own!

Plant-based milks are becoming ever more popular and it is so easy to make your own! Here’s a very easy recipe for oat milk: soak 1 1/2 cup of rolled oats overnight. Pour the oats into a sieve and rinse very well. Transfer into your blender. Add 3 1/2 to 4 cups of filtered water into the blender. Blend for no more than 20 seconds.