Date: 29 Nov 2018
Author: The Vegan Society Aotearoa

There is nothing quite like a stunning Kiwi summer — and you can be ready to enjoy it in great health, full of energy, and brimming with confidence by taking the 21 Day Vegan Challenge.

Throughout Aotearoa, Kiwis are looking to eat better, look after their bodies, and have a positive impact on the environment; but it’s not easy to know how. That all changes with the introduction of the 21 Day Vegan Challenge: A simple step-by-step guide specifically designed to help New Zealanders make the easy dietary changes that studies show can lead to more energy, weight loss, better skin, and better sex.

This email-based challenge takes participants by the hand and leads them through the simple lifestyle changes that will have them feeling and looking great for Summer, all the while caring for Aotearoa’s exquisite environment, for all to enjoy in the sun.

Developed specifically to help New Zealanders navigate our unique cultural landscape, the 21 Day Vegan Challenge provides helpful advice on subjects like what to bring to a BBQ, how to navigate a dairy-heavy environment, and great choices while soaking up the sun outside your favourite cafe.

Each day participants receive support and guidance around nutrition, meal ideas, shopping, socialising, and working within a budget. Not only will Kiwis be introduced to convenient substitutes so they can continue enjoying the foods they love, but will also discover new taste sensations, healthy alternatives, and ways to eat out without the guilt.

Along with recipes, nutrition advice, meal plans, and social opportunities, the 21 Day Vegan Challenge gives participants the opportunity to meet some of the many Kiwi champions from all walks of life who have already started on their own vegan journey. The roster includes Hollywood legend James Cameron; New Zealand’s Governor-General, Dame Patsy Reddy; bodybuilding champion Dusan Dudas; actor and director Emmett Skilton; new wave music pioneer Tom Bailey; award-winning chef Aaron Brunet; and many more.

By simply signing up by email, Kiwis will instantly be on the road to making small by important changes to their diet on the way to a healthy, vital, positive lifestyle that will allow them to make the most of New Zealand’s brilliant summertime with friends and family.

For more information head to the Try vegan > Challenge page on our website.