Editor & Retired High School Teacher


It was hard to give up ice cream when I became a vegan ten years ago but I did! I’d been vegetarian for thirty years; it was those sad little packages of bits of dead animals that decided me. They had lived and died in fear so that I could eat them. How can someone who is devoted to their cat buy and eat the flesh of another animal? What is the difference between them – we should be caretakers of all creatures. I believe that it is only a matter of time before the plant diet will be recognised as the only sustainable, and moral, way to feed the population. From a health point of view, surely in the eating of an animal product, we are also ingesting its fear and final panic, and the hormones and antibiotics it has been given. I’m 77 and very fit.

An annual delight for the last four years are my solo, self-guided trips to Europe, climbing zillions of stairs and shinning up to mountain-top monuments with ease, as I did in Greece last year (photo). Eating vegan abroad, even without the language, is easier every year. (I do carry snacking nuts, and B12.) Chefs will take me into their kitchens to show me with pride all the dishes, including traditional, that I can eat, and there are usually lentils, beans, lots of vegetables; delis have take-out veges dripping with olive oil. Yum.