How to be vegan

So you are keen to try veganism, that’s great! Now the question for most is how…? Some people chose to go vegan overnight, and this works for them, others by transitioning over a period of time. There is no right or wrong way.


Addressing food is where people initially start on their journey to veganism. You could start by trying 1 vegan day per week or gradually introducing vegan meals at home and experimenting with cooking until you get the hang of it.

Take a look at the starter guides available online or to download.

You could follow our 7 day meal planner for a week, choose recipes to try from this site, or google will produce so many vegan recipes and websites for you to browse.

Eating out is easy if you find cafes/restaurants that are already vegan friendly. See the eating out section of this site. Most places will accommodate you, if you have a dinner planned with friends, family or work colleagues and there doesn’t look to be anything suitable on the menu then call in advance to ask if something can be prepared for you.


Keep what you have until its worn out, or donate to charity shops if you feel you want to get rid of leather shoes and bags, wool jumpers, down jackets etc.
As you buy new items you can start to become aware of what things are made of. Shoes you can often find in shoe shops that are non leather (check for the diamond symbol only, not animal skin symbol) or online vegan shoe stores, often more expensive but better quality. See our shoes section under shopping.

Household products/toiletries

Use up what you have at home and gradually change the brands you buy to vegan options as they need replacing. Household items such as washing up liquid, washing powder, cleaning sprays etc. can be tested on animals and or contain animal ingredients, and the same goes for shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste etc. Check the labels, products will state if they are not tested on animals, and sometimes if they are vegan or contain no animal ingredients (if nothing is stated then assume they test on animals). SAFE have a cruelty free shopper guide which will help identify brands to buy. Options are available at your local supermarket so no need to go looking in any specialist shops or online.