Date: 01 May 2019
Author: The Vegan Society Aotearoa

Last year we brought you the inaugural Vegan Pie Awards for World Vegan Day. This year we bring you the inaugural Vegan Society Sausage Awards, to be judged on 21st June at the end of Meat Free Week.

There are some fabulous vegan sausages available in our supermarkets, shops and markets these days, and we would love to encourage more people to give them a try. We want to award the country’s best sausages and their makers.

Who doesn’t love a breakfast banger? A quick sausage sizzle? We want to show NZ that 100% plant based sausages are just as tasty, just as fun and just as versatile as the usual animal based ones.

We will be awarding both Kiwi made and international sausages as well as an overall winner, so get your nominations in for your favourite vegan sausage by emailing

Are you a sausage manufacturer who would like to enter the awards? 100% plant based sausages will be accepted for judging until 18th June. Your sausages must be available commercially. Please email to register to register.