“I’m feeling better at 70 than I did at 60, having adopted a vegan lifestyle at aged 68”

I didn’t enjoy being overweight, and out of shape. Joint pains gave me an excuse not to exercise and I was putting on about 1 kg per year. I chanced on Freelee the Banana Girl while checking health channels on the net. It was either Forks Over Knives, or Earthlings that lead me to Gary Yourofsky, BiteSizeVegan and a host of other wonderful people that have taught and inspired my vegan journey.

All my life, I ate meat, fish and dairy products but it was surprisingly easy to change – almost overnight. Being 14 kg lighter means I can now run without pain and all activities are easier. My medical stats have significantly improved (cholesterol etc). The mild asthma I experienced all my life has almost disappeared. Just to wake up with clear sinus tracts is a major reward for me. However, it didn’t take long for the ethical and environmental issues to become more important than any personal considerations.