Start the day with a delicious breakfast


Try with hummus, avocado and tomato, jam, vegan hunny or other spreads.  Now you’re on the lookout, check out the many new toppings in your supermarket!  Use one of the many plant based butters and spreads.
Some favourite combos: vegemite with avocado; peanut butter and jam; nut butter and sliced pear.

Gluten free? No problem with vegan gluten free bread.


Make with your favourite plant milk such as soy, rice, almond. Or water and no milk (oats cook up creamy anyway).
Add dried fruit such as raisins and dates, fresh chopped fruit such as banana, apples etc, nuts such as almonds and brazil nuts (2 brazil nuts = selenium for the day!). Also try adding a tablespoon or 2 of ground flax seeds, ground chia seeds, or ground LSA (linseed, sunflower seed, almond meal). You can buy ready-ground mixes from the supermarket. This adds omega 3s to your breakfast!
For extra special porridge also try topping with coconut yoghurt!
Other tips: oats are incredibly nutritious and wholegrain are the least processed.  Add a handful of frozen blueberries for some of the best anti-oxidants to start your day (just throw them in when you start to cook your porridge).
Add cinnamon for flavour.  It’s also packed with nutrition.

Gluten free? Porridge can be made with rice flakes, millet, buckwheat or arborio rice. Orgran also have quinoa porridge.

Chia seeds and fruit

Soak 1/3 cup of chia seeds in 1 cup of your favourite plant milk, either overnight or for an hour or so in the morning until seeds have expanded. Add cinnamon, maple syrup or vanilla paste for flavour prior to soaking.  Top with fruit and other suggestions listed with porridge above.

This is gluten free!

Cereal or Muesli

Many cereals and muesli are vegan, just check the ingredients on the box, watch out for milk powder which is in some cereals. Have with your favourite plant milk and top with fruit and other suggestions listed with porridge above.
Check out the supermarket breakfast listings by A Guide to Vegan.

Gluten free? Some supermarket gluten free and vegan cereals are avaialable. You can also make funky little musli bowls. Add some gluten-free granola or make your own mix with gluten-free grains or nuts and seeds.

Fruit smoothie

Blend fruits with almond, soy, rice, or oat milk. Add in ground flax seeds, chia seeds, or LSA (for your omegas!). Try adding vegan yoghurt too.
Other goodies to add for a nutritious power pack: spirulina, spinach leaves, hemp seeds, oats, cocoa, tahini, handful of nuts, pumpkin seeds, frozen blueberries ~ google or pinterest ‘vegan smoothies’ for inspiration!

This is gluten free!


Delicious with toppings such as berries, bananas, mayple syrup and plant yoghurt. Google or Pinterest for many vegan recipe ideas.  You can make with your favourite choice of flour, and it’s a good dish to experiment with the incredibly nutritious buckwheat flour.

Gluten free? make gluten free pancakes. Orgran have gluten free pancake mix.

Chickpea omelette

For a weekend treat try out a chickpea omelette, or try using Orgran Easy Egg, details under our egg alternatives page.

For an extra eggy taste to your omelette try adding a pinch of black salt (Indian spice shops should have it).  It is incredibly eggy and you don’t need much!

Chickpea omlette is gluten free!

Scrambled tofu

A go to weekend brunch for many. See our recipe.

For an extra eggy taste to your scrambled tofu try adding a pinch of black salt (Indian spice shops should have it).  It is incredibly eggy and you don’t need much!

Scrambled tofu is gluten free.

Big vegan breakfast

A big cooked breakfast with whatever you fancy. Try a mix of hash browns, baked beans, scrambled tofu, vegan sausages, slow roast tomato, avocado, grilled mushrooms, garlic aioli and toast.

Gluten free? Skip the toast or try with gluten free vegan bread, use gluten free sausages, gluten free hash browns. Mix and match using whatever you prefer.

For lots of images and ideas you can also check out A Guide to Vegan – homemade breakfasts

There are some great breakfast recipes on our Pasifika Menu Plan too