Desserts and Sweet Treats

Dessert Options

Chocolate, baking, meringues, desserts, ice cream, mousse … whatever you fancy, there’s a vegan way of making it!

Ice cream

So many delicious vegan ice creams in a supermarket near you… see our guide to vegan ice cream, try lots and find your favourite or make your own ~ google ‘vegan ice cream recipe’ to find hundreds of ideas.

Gluten free? Many will also be gluten free, check the labels.

Veganise traditional desserts

Pretty much all desserts can be veganised, google for your favourite and find a recipe. For example apple crumble, replace butter with margarine. Make custard using plant milk.
Check out some of the Vegan Society team’s favourite desserts here:

Gluten free? google for gluten free vegan desserts, so much information is available.

Discover aquafaba!

Who would have thought the liquid from a tin of chickpeas (or white beans) could be soooo useful?!  It whips up into the best meringue, can be used for icecream, as egg white replacer and in desserts like pavlova, nougart and mousse.
There are great ideas on the UK Vegan Society site.

Aquafaba is gluten free!

See our recipes

For some tropical dessert ideas see our Pasifika Menu Plan.
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For lots more images and ideas visit A Guide to Vegan – homemade desserts