Fabulous Lunch Ideas


Sandwiches and Wraps

Try fillings like falafel, tofu, or tempeh with salad, hummus and other sauces and add into a wrap or pita bread.

Also check out the dairy, egg and meat alternatives section here >>

  • Hummus – good protein source. Add in salad such as lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, spring onion etc.
  • Peanut butter – adds healthy oils which are best not heated, try hemp, walnut, flaxseed, or olive oil
  • Avocado – good addition of healthy fats.
  • Tempeh – good protein source. Try marinading with soy source and liquid smoke (tiny drop) then frying.
  • Vegan cheese – try vegusto as its the most tasty, or Angel food cheese to melt in a toastie.
  • Vegan ‘scrambled egg’ – made from tofu with black salt to give an egg flavour, read the recipe here.
  • Marmite – good source of b12!
  • Tofu – try marinating first. See how to cook tofu or google for delicious marinate recipes.
  • Beans – rustle up a quick bean burrito by throwing a can of black beans into a pan with onion, garlic and tomato and maybe some quick cook rice!  Throw into a wrap with salad leaves and avocado.
  • Last night’s dinner – ANYTHING goes in a wrap!  It’s the perfect way to use leftovers from dinner – such as roasties, left over tofu or vegan sausages, beans, rice and salads.

Gluten free? Try toasted gluten free bread or warmed gluten free wraps. Have with gluten free crackers such as rice cakes. Some store bought falafel is gluten free, check ingredients/labels.


Try different store bought soups (in the fridge sections, check ingredients), google for recipes, or try some of our suggestions >>    Serve with bread or toast.

Gluten free? Check ingredients, most soups may be ok.


Salad is not all lettuce and tomato! Try adding falafel (store bought ready-made, or in a tub to roll into balls and cook), tofu or tempeh, nuts such as cashew nuts, peanuts, almonds etc, and seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin, cooked and cooled quinoa or couscous, tahini, hummus, chutneys, vegan mayo etc as a sauce.

Gluten free? Easily adapted to be all gluten free. Try quinoa instead of couscous for example.


Most sushi shops will have vegan options.

Gluten free? Ask at the sushi shop, most will be gluten free already.

Cafe food and takeaway chains

More and more cafes offer vegan options. Find whats in your area by checking in with a local vegan Facebook group.

Gluten free? Cafes with good vegan labels will often label gluten free as well. Just ask in the cafe.


Make lots the night before and take leftovers to re heat at work!

If you eat gluten free then your leftovers are gluten free!

For more great lunch recipes have a look at the Pasifika Menu Plan and our Recipes pages

For lots of images and ideas you can also check out A Guide to Vegan – homemade lunches



         Kids lunch box ideas


  • Roast vegetable kebabs
  • Vegan sausage rolls
  • Pies – Some suggestions: Kumara and cashew, lentil vegan mince and potato top, vegan mac and cheese, potato and spinach with coconut milk.
  • Pizza – Topping ideas: refried beans, vegan cheese, cashews, sundried tomatoes, onion, capsicum, mushroom, veg sausage
  • Sushi
  • Pasta/rice noodles/lasagne
  • Onion Bhaji/Pakora/Samosa/falafel
  • Spring rolls
  • Fruit – Some suggestions: watermelon, grapes, plums, apple, mandarin, pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, dates, raisins
  • Vegetables – Some suggestions: carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, capsicum sticks, celery, olives, cherry tomatoes,broccoli
  • Savoury Snacks – Rice, oat, or corn crackers, chippies, pretzels, popcorn, nuts, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, roasted chickpeas
  • Marinated tofu/tempeh slices – Cut tofu into slices. Fry in a little oil, garlic and enough soy sauce to cover each side of tofu until crispy on each side. You can marinate for later, but works just as well if you just put directly in frying pan as tofu quite good at taking on flavours. Great in a sandwich or as part of a meal. Hot or cold.
  • Crunchy cereal or cereal bars
  • Cakes – Some suggestions: cupcakes, chocolate chip, vanilla, chocolate krispies, apple or jam tarts, pancakes.
  • Biscuits
  • Soy yogurt, custard and deserts, vegan jelly
  • Sandwiches or wraps – Filling suggestions, (mix and match to requirements!) hummus, vegan cheese, Marmite, jam, nut butters, tahini, vegan cream cheese, avocado, salads, vegan choc/tahini spread, tartare sauce (Pam’s brand is OK), vegan ham/tofu slices
  • Dips: hummus, salsa, guacamole
  • Soup in a flask