Super Snack Ideas


Easy healthy snack.


Mix your own or buy pre made.

Muesli bars/bliss balls

Lots of delicious flavours of bliss ball type snacks now available in your supermarket. Check ingredients on muesli bars, many contain milk but some brands are fine.

Gluten free? Bliss balls are gluten free. Check out the gluten free section in supermarkets for other bars.


So many amazing vegan types of hummus and dips now available in supermarkets. Try on crackers or with veggie sticks

Most dips are gluten free, try with rice crackers.

Vegan cheese and crackers

slices of vegan cheese or vegan cream cheese on crackers

gluten free?, choose gluten free crackers

Chippies and popcorn

Check ingredients, many are vegan but watch out for milk sneaking in.

Most chippies are gluten free, check labels.


See our chocolate page for some vegan friendly brands.

Most chocolate will be gluten free.

For lots of images and ideas you can also check out A Guide to Vegan – supermarket snacks and also A Guide to Vegan – homemade snacks