Linda Siai Seve

Fakalofa lahi atu 

Ko e higoa haaku ko LINDA SEVE. Hau au he maaga ko Avatele. 

I am a single mum of 3 sons. Born in Sydney Australia and raised in Auckland New Zealand from the age of 4. I currently live on the Gold Coast in Australia. My 3 sons and I moved here in 2017. 

I work from home full time, running multiple businesses. I am a qualified personal trainer. I do mobile PTs, online personal coaching, I sell the best vegan carrot cakes on the planet and I run two other online marketing businesses. 

My plant based journey started in 2016 and I have never looked back. I love the lifestyle 100% and now I help others to transition to a plant based diet via two free private group pages on facebook, “Plant based Polynesians” and “Infinite health”. I also share anything to do with health on my FB page “Coach Linda” and everything wealth related on “Linda Seve”. 

I have seen hundreds of family’s health change for the better by transitioning to a plant based diet and it brings me so much joy!

I pray that more and more people experience the many benefits of making the simple switch. 

Kia monuina 

Coach Linda