From a young age, I have loved animals. I formed bonds with all kinds of creatures, from my pet guinea pigs, to the fish I snorkelled with, to the chickens in parks. I have also always loved fighting for causes and campaigning. These two things came together when I was about nine, when I made the connection between the animals I loved, and the chicken, beef and pork on my plate. I became vegetarian, and when I was 11, I became a vegan, as my knowledge of animal exploitation increased. It was around then that I realised that most people hadn’t woken up to how unjust and horrific humans are to animals, and I made it my goal to be a voice for animals as long as I lived.

Since then, I have dedicated my life to that goal. I have made a petition asking Countdown supermarkets to stop selling cage eggs, which gained almost 20,000 signatures and resulted in their agreement to stop selling caged eggs by 2025. I have fundraised $1,800 for the animal sanctuary in Matakana with a friend, and I write a blog about animal rights and have an Instagram page about veganism.

My dream is to see a world where animals are seen as beings here with us, not commodities here for us. I will never give up on my life goal of being a voice for the voiceless, until every single animal is treated with compassion.