Meat & Seafood Alternatives

Meat & Seafood Alternatives

Don’t think there’s such a thing as vegan shepherd’s pie, pasta bolognese, nachos or even shrimp cocktail?! Well think again! Check out our list of options available, below! There are a range of different meat alternatives available to recreate basically any dish in the world, most especially – your favourite one!

Majority are easily found in local supermarket stores which makes it incredibly easy to cut the cravings and get your fix.

Check out our list of vegan meat & seafood alternatives available in New Zealand down below including a link to their website for further details and a full list of flavours… Yay!

Vegie Delights

Website: Vegie Delights


Vegie Delights is a completely vegan range. You can find their  sausages, mince and bacon in the fridge section, burgers and patties in the freezer section, and cans either in the organic section or canned aisle of your local supermarket.


Website: Frys


Frys’ range is mostly found in the freezer section of most supermarkets. Their sausages have a meaty flavour and are fantastic for any meal of the day! Their Chicken-style strips are delicious in salads, and they also have pies! The whole range is completely vegan. 

Bean Supreme

Website: Bean Supreme


Bean Supreme are NZ owned. They too sell sausages, mince, luncheon and tofu which are located in the fridge section of supermarkets. Not all of their products are vegan though, so be sure to check the label before purchasing. 

The Cool Gardener 

Website: The Cool Gardener


The Cool Gardener picks local over global, working with New Zealand gardeners who are as passionate about plants as they are. Most products are vegan, so don’t forget to check the labels.

Linda McCartney

Website: Linda McCartney


Linda McCartney products are from the UK. Not all are vegan so check the label as required. Their products can be found in the freezer section of most supermarkets, as well as the Cruelty Free Shop in Auckland.

Amino Mantra

Website: Amino Mantra


Amino Mantra is a New Zealand based company making plant based patties. Black truffle and thyme, fijan tumeric and cumin, caramelised garlic and chive, cmokey bbq & sundried tomato and basil.

Alt Meat Co
Website: Alt Meat Co

Alt Meat

Alt Meat Co is a New Zealand based company. Their products are available in the fridge in some supermarkets. Their website is great at explaining why alternative meat is needed for the future for environmental reasons.

Website: Sunfed


Sunfed is a New Zealand based company, new in 2017. With just a handful of all natural wholesome ingredients, and clean water-based proprietary techniques, they turn protein-packed pulses into delicious meaty goodness. That’s it!

Website: Tonzu


Tonzu are a New Zealand company. They have sausages, mince, luncheon, tempeh, tofu and yogurts (see dairy alternatives), and are located in the fridge section in supermarkets. The sausages are a herb flavour, give them a try! All are vegan.

Soy Works
Website: Soy Works


Soy Works are New Zealand based. This range has gluten free sausages, cajun or herb. Found in the fridge section. Not all their products are vegan.

Wheaty Chorizo
Website: Wheaty Chorizo


Wheaty Spacebar Chorizo are found in the shelves in organic type shops and online at the Cruelty Free Shop (who also stock more wheaty products). Great sliced up on homemade pizza. Also try it in pasta or salads! The company has a wide range of products but not all are available in NZ.

The Baker’s Son
Website: The Baker’s Son

Vegan Mince & Cheddar

The Baker’s Son is an NZ owned company that sells a range of different pies – but not all are vegan. Right now, their one and only vegan pie is the Vegan Mince and Cheddar which is to die for. And costs less than $5 from your local supermarket too!

Website: Gardein


Gardein is a global brand that has made its way to New Zealand, selling the likes of fish fillets, meatballs, ‘beef’ patties and mince. All vegan of course! Our favourite is the fish.

Food Nation
Website: Food Nation


Food Nation is a vegan New Zealand owned company that sells mince and burger patties. Their angle is packing their products full of fresh vegetable ingredients that not only make it tasty, but nutritious too. Their product range is available from most supermarkets. 

The Craft Meat Co
Website: The Craft Meat Co

The Craft Meat Co

The Craft Meat Co is known for their protein-based meal solutions for those with busy lives. They sell vegan mince, but also packaged sauces for meals such as Spaghetti Bolognese and Mexican night. They can be found at most supermarkets.

The Meatless Farm
Website: The Meatless Farm

The Meatless Farm

The Meatless Farm Co is a British based company that sells vegan meats made primarily from pea protein. These can be found at some supermarkets.

Beyond Meat
Website: Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is found is almost any supermarket across the country. The brand sells burgers, sausages, mince and meatballs. All vegan of course!

Website: Naturli


Naturli is a global brand from Denmark that sells both dairy free products and meat-free products. In their range, you’ll find the likes of chicken nuggets, pizza, hot dogs, and burger patties. You can find most of these at the supermarket.

Vegan Shops, Delis & Butcheries

V1 / The Cruelty Free Shop
Website: V1
Website: The Cruelty Free Shop


The Cruelty Free Shop in Auckland, and the V1 shop in Wellington take it to the next level stocking products such as vegan calamari, nut roasts, jerky, lamb kebabs, duck and even steak.

Grater Goods
Website: Grater Goods


Grater Goods is a plant based butchery / deli located in Christchurch. Here they sell vegan pastrami, roast turkey, chorizo, sopressa, kielbasa, and bacon… plus more! Check our their range on their website.

Robinsons Deli
Website: Robinsons Deli

Robinsons Deli

Robinson’s Deli is New Zealand’s first plant-based mini supermarket, based in Grey Lynn, Auckland. Not everything is vegan, but most of it is. Here they sell vegan steak, mushroom wellingtons, vegan prawns, vegan salmon and so on. They also have a range of vegan cheeses such as Camembert!