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Mock meat names

Date: 7 Feb 2017
Author: Claire Insley

New Zealand vegans have been astounded by the ridiculous claims from Winston Peters that mock meats and plant milks may damage export sales and must be renamed. Mock meat name must stop - Winston Peters We have been having a discussion on our Facebook page about it. Clearly it is nonsense that people get confused over the products. We all seriously doubt that vegans have bought animal products by mistake or that omnis have bought plant based products thinking they were animals. There are many foods on the market which have long held troublesome names. Coconut milk, for one, most people are aware that coconuts are not cows and do not think that coconut milk or cream is a dairy product. Those xmas mince pies, these are not made of minced up animals, they are minced up fruits, yet most people manage to cope with these. However, as vegans are generous people we would like to offer some new name suggestions for Mr Peters. A similar discussion happened in the UK and eventually it was decided to call vegan cheese Gary, so we are happy to follow this example. In addition we think that calling vegan mock meats Winston would be appropriate and after much discussion we think Nigella for the plant milks.