NZ Dairy Free Awards winners

Dairy Free Awards 2021

Welcome to the second of our Dairy Free Awards, in which we find out which are the most popular plant based products in the dairy alternatives market in New Zealand. Being vegan is easier than ever with these amazing foods to help you create your favourite dishes.

We have six categories of products to choose and within those categories, we have our NZ made and the imported ones. With so many delicious and nutritious foods to choose from, it was very difficult even to whittle down to the nominated companies and products. If your product did not make it this year, please get in touch to ensure you are considered for next year’s Awards.

Ice Cream
NZ Winner: Duck Island Coconut Caramel
NZ Runner Up: Duck Island Coffee Coconut
Imported Winner: Magnum Dairy Free Almond
Imported Runner Up: Ben and Jerry’s Coconut Seven Layer

NZ Popular Winner: Angel Food Cheddar
NZ Popular Runner Up: Angel Food Cream Cheese
NZ Artisan Winner: Savour Ash
NZ Artisan Runner Up: Diva Manuka Smoked
Imported Winner: Sheese Spring Onion and Chives
Imported Runner Up: Veesey Cheese Slices

NZ Winner: Otis Oat
NZ Runner Up: Little Island Chocolate Coconut
NZ Powdered Winner: Mylk Made
NZ Powdered Runner Up: V and V
Imported Winner: Vitasoy Soy
Imported Runner Up: Oatly Oat

NZ Winner: Raglan Boysenberry
NZ Runner Up: The Collective Fudge
Imported Winner: CoYo Vanilla
Imported Runner Up: Kingland Berry

NZ Winner: Whittaker’s Hawkes Bay Plum and Almond
NZ Runner Up: Whittaker’s Dark Almond
Imported Winner: Vego Hazelnut
Imported Runner Up: Green and Black’s Dark 70%

NZ Winner: Vutter
NZ Runner Up: Olivani Olive Oil
Imported Winner: Nuttelex Buttery
Imported Runner Up: Naturli Vegan Block

Dairy Free Awards winners

2020 Results

Cheese (local):

  • Winner – Angel Food Cheddar
  • Runner up – Angel Food Cream Cheese

Cheese (import):

  • Winner – Vegusto Piquant
  • Runner up – Tofutti Cream Cheese

Milk (local):

  • Winner – So Good Soy Milk
  • Runner up – Little Island Chocolate Coconut Milk

Milk (import):

  • Winner – Vitasoy Soy Milk
  • Runner up – Alpro Soya Milk

Yoghurt (local):

  • Winner – Raglan Coconut Yoghurt Boysenberry
  • Runner up – Cathedral Cove Blueberry and Chia Coconut Yoghurt

Yoghurt (import):

  • Winner – Kingland Berry Soy Yoghurt
  • Runner up – CoYo Vanilla Bean Yoghurt

Ice Cream (Local):

  • Winner – Trumpet Vegan Boysenberry
  • Runner up – Duck Island Coconut Caramel, Sesame, Chocolate, Peanut

Ice Cream (import):

  • Winner – Magnum Dairy Free Almond
  • Runner up – Ben & Jerry’s Coconut Seven Layer Bar