Plant-Based PI Mum

Hi my name is Rebecca Faavaoga and I am New Zealand Born, half Tongan and half Scottish. I am married to a beautiful Samoan man and the love of our lives, our 4 year old plant based baby since birth.

I say plant-based because all we eat is plants and veges. No dairy/eggs/gluten or meat. Our Baby Judah is the reason we changed everything about our lives from our diet, to our washing powder, any skin/hair products, and becoming as natural as possible.


The reason for all these changes was because he is allergic to Dairy/wheat/eggs/any nuts. As a newborn, he had severe eczema that he would rip his skin apart till he bled in which he would become infected having many visits to the doctors and Emergency for allergic reactions.

Nothing the doctors gave helped.

This broke my heart seeing my baby suffer when he didn’t need to as his condition was due to my poor choices.

The first 2 years of his life I breastfed him exclusively having no food at all in which I had to change my diet and continued to breastfeed him to 3 years of age with food. Yes it was a great sacrifice to make and not easy at all with not many options out there for our diet but what mother wouldn’t do this for their child.

I was introduced to a Naturopath/Nutritionist, Barbara O’Neil, where I became aware of what we ate and how it affects our bodies with the science behind it. What she taught I applied and saw immediate results.

My husband soon changed his diet as he began to be educated on seeing the positive changes through us.

He was convinced how a plant-based diet excelled us both in our physical activities as we also do ultra marathons. He continues that journey today with the 100km Tarawera ultra marathon coming up and even running in jandals – island styles!! He is breaking the stereotype that Pacific islanders cannot live on veges alone together with endurance events.

The biggest benefit of a plant-based diet for me was finally receiving a breakthrough in my mental health as I have battled depression and suicide attempts from the age of 10 years old. We could not deny the powerful changes food has made as we continue to complete fitness events that are not normally done on a plant based diet and felt amazing recovering super fast!


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