Vegan pizza


Supermarket pizza bases

Tomato Paste

Angel Foods vegan cheese

red onion




sundried tomato



Pizzas are so versatile and you can make your own base (see below recipe link), or for this recipe we used a pre-made supermarket base.
Likewise you can basically add anything you have on hand to go on top!


* This pizza was made using premade pizza bases from the supermarket (Romanos extra thin pizza bases, stone bake style). 

* We then spread tomato paste as a tangy base flavour and topped with Angel Foods vegan cheese sauce, red onion, pineapple, capisicums, pesto, sundried tomato and pinenuts.

* You can be creative with the toppings you use and here are some suggestions:
grilled or roast vegies, mushrooms, olives, vegan sausage, falafel, vegan cream cheese, baked beans, artichoke, jalapenos, tempeh bacon, sauteed onions …

* Serve with homemade chips (potatoes roasted in rosemary, salt and vegetable oil).  Plus a crispy green side salad.


A guide to vegan have many dinner suggestions and recipes on their facebook page. You can also make pizza dough from scratch google for many recipes or see this recipe.

Source: A Guide to Vegan