Sausage & Mash

Tofu Bolognese


Vegan sausages (so many brands to choose from at most supermarkets)

Potatoes mashed with vegan butter/spread

Plain soy milk

Salt and pepper

Peas, carrots, broccoli (or vegetables of your choice)

Tomato sauce


* Boil potatoes. Once cooked mash with vegan butter of your choice, a splash of soy milk, salt and pepper

* Cook sausages according to instructions

* Cook peas, or any other veggies



Tonzu sausages are pictured – these are very sausagey tasting!

Mash options – try adding tahini and nutritional yeast to make a creamy cheesy mash, or add angel food cheddar.

You could make with hash browns (most are vegan), grilled or fried mushrooms and spinach or kale.

Gravy Topping (optional)
*  Saute a cup or 2 of sliced mushrooms (and onions if you like) in a little olive oil with garlic salt and pepper, until soft.

* Add 2 tablespoons of flour and stir in briskly. 

* Follow with a cup of soy milk (or plant milk of your choice).

* Whisk in as the gravy thickens, and add vege stock (if powder, mix it with hot water first), nutritional yeast if you have it and salt and pepper.

* Add milk or flour as necessary to get the consistency you want.

Source: Vegan Society