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Potato and leek soup

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Several medium sized Desiree potatoes 1 whole leek, boiled until soft with a small amount of water 1 Tablespoon Olivani Salt and Pepper Black sesame seeds Stoneground mustard


Boil the potatoes and leek with a small amount of water. Blend the potatoes and leek with the remaining ingredients (except for mustard and sesame seeds) and the water in which they were boiled. Add the water slowly, if you put too much in at first you may have a very thin soup. Add the mustard and sesame seeds to taste


This is a very easy way to get your greens and carbohydrates if you don't have much time - you can do many variations on this recipe and make various mashes and soups depending on the amount of water you add. Another favourite is carrot/potato mash which is sweet and delicious. The mustard is perfect for that extra tang.

Source: Ana Lenard