Starters and sides

Stuffed portabello mushroom

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Main: 1 portabello mushroom 1/4 capsicum 1/4 avocado Onion salt F. Whitlock & Sons peanut satay sauce Sesame seeds Olive oil Coleslaw: Red and green cabbage Carrot Kale Red onion Coriander Granny Smith apple Lemon juice


Drizzle olive oil in a small frying pan Fry whole mushroom in pan until soft then remove Dice capsicum and fry in the pan with a little onion salt Place diced capsicum ontop of mushroom and top with sliced avocado Drizzle with satay sauce and sesame seeds Dice and combine all coleslaw ingredients and then drizzle with lemon juice Place assembled mushroom on top and enjoy

Source: Micheale Vermunt