Starters and sides

Summer rolls

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Rice paper square or round 1 small pack of bean thread noodles (often found in the fruit + veg section of the supermarket) 1 carrot Small cucumber Half a lettuce broken up 1 avocado Herbs, one or all of the following; mint, Asian mint, Vietnamese mint (pictured), coriander removing the tough woody bits. Mushrooms fried (optional) Block of tofu ½ cup of chopped salty peanuts A dipping sauce- could be soy, sweet chilli, hot chilli, soy with mirin- or a selection!


Soak the bean thread noodles in cold water for around 20 mins then drain and pour boiling water over them for a few minutes. Drain again then leave to cool Fry the tofu in slabs then cut into strips when its cool. Break up the lettuce by hand, slice the vegies into thin strips and lay them out on a platter, with all your freshly washed herbs, a pile of tofu strips and a bowl of chops nuts for serving. Have a bowl of cool or warm water for each person to dip their rice paper into. Just wet the whole piece of rice paper and place it on your plate then fill with your chosen ingredients- about half a cup of ingredients. Roll up tightly like a package and dip in the sauces. Have fun and experiment with how to roll them and what to put in them. If the paper gets tangled just grab another!


Its ok to eat Summer rolls all year round! They are light, refreshing and super tasty because of all the fresh herbs that go into them. They can be eaten as an entrée or a meal. And a fun idea is to have all the ingredients chopped and laid out in the middle of the dining table for everyone to make their own as they go!

Source: Vegan Society