Yoga Teacher & Artist


I’m a vegan yoga teacher and artist. I also work at Harvest Wholefoods in Grey Lynn which is where I was first introduced to the possibility of going vegan 5 years ago by a particularly fierce vegan colleague. She would bombard me with all the facts about how bad animal products and farming are for the planet and the animals etc, and at first I have to admit, I was reluctant and would find any excuse to settle for being vegetarian, “But Im a vegetarian who only eats free range eggs and drinks organic milk, surely this is enough, surely this counts for something?” But eventually I had to face facts, and when I watched the film, “Earthlings”, that completely sealed the deal for me.

I am vegan because I don’t want to contribute to animal suffering and to the environmental destruction that animal farming causes. ‘Ahimsa’ which in yoga means ‘non harming’ is also a firm spiritual discipline I follow. Veganism and yoga are good buddies. I’m passionate about creating amazing vegan food, because I care about what I eat and I want it to taste incredible too. I’m not a salad kinda girl, I like my food hearty, solid and sustaining and most of all, not boring! Food is so important to me. Anything you can make using animal products, you CAN make vegan. So I do that!

As an artist I love to paint scenes of nature that inspire others to feel connected with nature, and when I paint animals I love to capture the sentience and character of that being. Everything is connected.