Semisi Vea Sikei IMAGE

Tena Koutou, my name is SEMISI SIKEI, I am 29 years of age and living in Wellington.

I’m of Maori & Tongan Decent. My mother is Maori from a small place called Otorohanga from the Ngati Maniapoto Tribe. My father is Tongan and also from a small place called Hofoa & Masilamea.

I was born & raised up in Central Auckland. Went to Mount Albert Grammar School. I have a huge passion for performing whether it be dance, acting or musical. I have accomplished a lot of things in my 29 years but there is many more things for me to accomplish.

Becoming a vegan didnt ever cross my mind until one day, I had a good think about my health and what I wanted to change within my family.

I decided in late 2019 that in 2020, I would change the things that I eat. 

Fast forward to Feb 2020, I started my journey on becoming a vegan. Being a pacific Islander and living at home was really hard to not eat what islanders love to eat. But I pulled through all the birthday feast and big church functions. 

My family weren’t on board of me becoming a vegan, they called me names and said I was being silly just because I wanted to change the way I ate.

The reasons why I chose to go vegan are:

– Healthier life

– More Energy

– Better for the climate

– Felt sorry for the animals

And many many more.

I have recently started up an Instagram where I capture all the vegan meals I eat & where you can find them & just all things Vegan

You can catch me at: Poly.Vegan

Even if you have any questions don’t be shy to flick me a message

Ma te wa.