Thanks for registering your pie. Remember to pay for your entry now.  Payment details below.
We will get in touch with you shortly.

Please set up payment from your bank account, with your company name and ‘pies’ as reference.
Vegan Society of Aotearoa, Kiwibank 38 – 9011 – 0049679 – 00.

  • Conditions of Entry:
  • Pies must be commercially available from your company
  • Official pie boxes will be sent to the address you provided in your registration shortly.
  • Pies must be with us at The Butchers son Nov 26th-28th between 9am and 4pm.
    The Butcher’s Son 204 Jervois Rd, Herne Bay, Auckland 1011
  • Please return the ingredient statement provided.
  • Round, oval or square standard tins must be used.
  • Pies may not weigh more than 280gm.
  • Pies must contain a base paste bottom, and a flaky pastry on top. (Cafe boutique and gluten free may use any kind of pastry.)
  • The same pie can not be used in more than one entry. You can enter multiple pies per category and multiple categories, but not multiple categories per pie.
  • You must include a copy of your commercial food handling permit, TFCP or National program number in the box with your pies.
  • The Commercial Category includes only mechanically assembled pies made by commercial producers, who make minimum batch sizes that start at 1000 units.