Date: 19 Aug 2019
Author: The Vegan Society Aotearoa

August 22 is World Plant Milk Day and to mark the occasion the Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand is challenging Kiwis to try a week of dairy-free eating and drinking, from August 22-29.

Our members are obviously no strangers to a dairy-free diet, but we are calling on committed vegans to challenge their veg-curious friends and whanau to a week of discovering the delicious benefits of plant-based alternatives.

There has never been a better time to go dairy-free, there are so many quality options available that it really is no sacrifice at all. Cheese, milk, cream, butter, desserts, chocolate, ice cream — it’s all available in delicious variations made from cashew, soy, almond, coconut, oat, hemp and other grains and nuts.

Check out our extensive guide to the amazing range of locally available dairy alternatives here.

But beyond exciting new products to try, why go dairy-free? There are many different reasons people are turning to plant-based alternatives: It cuts out animal suffering, it’s more beneficial for the environment and offers a multitude of health benefits.

The dairy industry exerts an unconscionable amount of stress and suffering on cows. Cow’s milk is produced by separating these intelligent, loving creatures from their young, restricting them to distressing living conditions and forcing them to produce unnatural volumes of milk.

Animal agriculture is also one of the leading contributors to climate change. Producing animal products like milk is extremely resource intensive and creates a much larger carbon footprint than plant-based alternatives. Effluent produced by the dairy industry also takes a high toll on our nation’s water quality.

Health research increasingly shows that a wholefood plant-based diet, containing no dairy at all, is the most beneficial way to eat. It can help fight diseases like obesity, heart disease and certain kinds of cancer, which are all rampant in Aotearoa. Lactose intolerance, where the body can’t properly break down milk sugar, is also common in the Kiwi population, especially with Maori and Pacific people.

Take the challenge to go a week without dairy for World Plant Milk Day and discover a world of exciting plant-based products, cut animal suffering from your diet, help the planet and feel amazing!