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Resources for going vegan

Becoming vegan can seem like a big change to begin with. You may feel like there are just too many foods you need to give up – this is simply not true! You will soon discover all kinds of vegan treats and recipes to substitute for your usual favourites, and realise that a vegan version can be made of most of them.

Today, compared with say 10 (or even 5) years ago, there is a much greater range of vegan products readily available in your local supermarket. There are vegan versions of sausages and burgers, cheese, milk, ice cream, chocolate and yoghurt, just to name a few. More new products come out all the time, so keep checking your local stores.

To help you change to a vegan lifestyle we have compiled a selection of resources and links below.



Here are some of the questions/statements you are likely encounter when you become vegan: from the sensible, to the just plain silly, and how you can respond.

Documentaries and Books