Mini Koko Samoa Pancakes with Peanut Butter Syrup and Fruit Compote


1 cup self-raising flour or buckwheat flour

¼ tsp baking powder

20g grated koko Samoa

2 tbspn coconut sugar or raw cane sugar

2 tbspn coconut oil melted and a bit extra for cooking

1 ½ cup dairy free milk

pinch seasalt



In a large bowl add all your dry ingredients and using a whisk get rid of any lumps. Make a well in the middle then add all the rest of your ingredients into the well. Mix from the inside out really well. Use a non-stick pan, heat a tsp of extra coconut oil or vege oil. Two tablespoons makes 1 portion of pancakes at least you should be able to get between 4 – 6 individual pancakes. Cook on medium heat and flip pancakes over using a rubber spatula once the pancake is slightly set on top. Once ready take them out and cook the rest of your batter with some more coconut oil, margarine or vegetable oil just enough to coat the non-stick pan this gives the pancake a nutty crust.


To make the peanut butter syrup you just need equal amount of boiling water to equal amount of peanut butter. To add more sweetness it is optional to add golden syrup to the peanut butter and mix well using a whisk. When ready drizzle this on top of your pancakes and add your fruit compote.


You can use fresh fruits or any old fruit going off cook with a preferable amount of sugar on medium heat until cooked, add lemon juice and whole spices like cinnamon quills or star anise to it to enhance the flavour.


You can put a pot lid on top to cook the top quicker. Garnish with smooth peanut butter watered down with some hot water; add fresh berries and golden syrup

Contributor: Ana Ma’ilei Savio