Easy vegan challenge

Welcome to our 21 Day EASY Vegan Challenge!

It’s designed especially to help set you on a pathway to living a kinder, healthier and more planet-friendly lifestyle.

Every day we will send you ‘support emails’ that will help you with meal ideas, recipes, nutritional info, working within a budget, what to shop for and more. They will show you convenient substitutes, so you can continue enjoying the foods you love, and answer all your burning questions about where you’ll get your protein and what you’ll do when you eat out. And for some inspiration, they will introduce you to some Kiwi champs from all walks of life, who have chosen to be vegan too!

NEW - join our dedicated facebook group for support and questions from vegan mentors.

You’ll find 21 days is the perfect length of time to allow your taste buds to change and new eating habits to form! So Grab a friend, or your partner or a family member and sign up now! Good luck!

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