Turmeric Manioke with Vegetable Sapasui

Turmeric manioke and vege sapasui


4 Manioke or cassava

1 cup corn flour

1 tbs smoked paprika & 1 tbs turmeric

2 tbs tomato paste

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1 golf ball size piece ginger (peeled)

3 tbs soy sauce (GF optional)

4 tbs sesame oil

3 cloves garlic & 1 lge onion

Small bunch onion weed (seasonal could be growing in your backyard or maunga)

2 lge carrots & 3 sticks celery

1/4 cabbage white, red or mixed

1 cup plain plant based yoghurt

Black pepper & 2 tsp salt

Vegetable oil for frying

Method (makes enough for 4)

* Boil casava in salted water for 15 mins.

* Remove and split open to remove the woody strings down the centre.  
* When the cassava is cool, chop into angled chunks like nuggets and place in a bowl. Add the spices, yoghurt, tomato paste and salt and let it marinate while you prepare the noodles.

* Pour boiling water over the vermacelli noodles till they are well covered and set aside with a lid over them, for around 10 mins.

* Finely chop ginger, garlic and a chilli (if using) and cook in sesame oil on high for a few minutes.

* Add sliced vegies and corn and soy sauce and caramelise for 5 mins.

* Add the drained vermacelli noodles and cook off for 5 mins or so.

* Come back to the cassava and liberally sprinkle corn flour over the pieces.

* Mix the cornflour into the cassava pieces with the maranade, until each piece is well coated.

Shallow or deep fry these nuggets and serve over the sapasui on a plate.

* Top with chopped onion flowers and a few chopped stems.

Source: Rebecca Fa’avaoga