Vegan Alternatives

Dairy Alternatives

Ditching dairy and cheese is often thought to be the most challenging ~ but it’s way easier than it sounds! Especially since there are so many delicious alternatives available.   You’ll find most options below in your local supermarket – too easy!

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Cut the cravings and check out our list of vegan cheese options.  From feta to cheddar and mozzarella, vegan cheese has got you covered!
Vegan cheeses in New Zealand >>

Milk and Cream

There are so many plant milks, you’re bound to find your fave.  We have gathered an extensive range of options, all available in New Zealand.

Plant Milks and Cream >>


Baking doesn’t have to come to an end.  Every week we discover more vegan spreads and butters, such as Countdown’s new own  brand vegan spread at a great price!
Discover Vegan Butter here >>

Ice Cream

From magnums to trumpets, creamy, fudgy, chocolaty to fruity sorbet – plant based ice cream is on the rise!

Our favourite vegan ice cream >>

Yoghurts, Desserts, Sauces

So many delicious yoghurts, plus dreamy desserts and sweet or savoury sauces, aioli, dips and more!

Yoghurt and desserts >>

Vegan Sauces and Dips >>


You’ll be amazed at the well-known brands who produce mainstream vegan chocolate and along with the dozens of artisan varieties your chocolate cravings will be satisfied!
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Meat Alternatives

Meatless Meat

Plant based burgers, sausages and bacon products have developed enormously – it’s amazing how much taste and flavour you can enjoy with cruelty free meatless meats.

Alternative meats & more >>

Chicken and Fish Alternatives

These are just the start of what’s coming and they’re already amazing!  The kids will LOVE Gardein’s fishless fish fillets, not to mention Sunfed’s incredible range of animal-free chicken and bacon.

Chicken and fish alternatives >>

Beans, Tofu, Tempeh

If you’re looking for the best nutrition and wholefood plantbased options that pack a protein and nutrition punch, you’ll want devour beans, lentils, seeds, nuts, tofu and tempeh!

Beans and Lentils >>

Tofu and Tempeh >>

Other Alternatives

Egg Alternatives

How to replace eggs in baking as well as options for replacing scrambled and fried eggs.

Discover egg alternatives >>

Toppings for Meals

Suggestions of what to add to meals to add flavour.  Topping ideas that aren’t so far from what you might be used to, along with healthy hacks to add a nutrition punch to your meal.

Vegan toppings >>