Vegan profiles

Elizabeth O'Neill

ElizabethONeil.jpg I’m Liz and work in the health and safety sector. I also am a competitive ocean swimmer. I started exploring veganism 6 weeks ago from purely a health perspective after attending the green expo and speaking with the vegan society, in particular Nathan. As I researched more into the lifestyle, my eyes were open to the ethical side of the meat and dairy industry and I was instantly changed. I couldn’t believe I had been consuming these products for 37 years with out a thought or insight into the way animals were treated. As a Christian, I also found it impossible to reconcile meat and dairy consumption with my faith in a loving God who respects all beings. As well as this, the health benefits of being vegan are beyond belief! In 6 weeks; - I have lost 7.5kgs - My cholesterol has dropped from 5.9 to 4.8 - I have more energy and am mentally sharp - I now sleep solid through the night - I am faster in the pool - I have a clear conscience