Why Be Vegan?

Simple steps to get started

vegan starter guide

Download a vegan starter kit for meal ideas and recipes.

Hook up with other vegans in your area. We're a friendly bunch! Check out the events on this website and groups in your area.

Experiment! Some of your favourite foods may already be vegan or can easily be veganised, for example, vege sushi, falafal and hummus, bean burritos, stir fries and curries are easy enough to whip together without animal products. The key to a healthy vegan diet is variety

Check out our recipes and links for recipe websites.

Get sub savvy and embrace alternatives! You can use powdered egg replacer in your baking as well as soy, rice, oat or almond milk - try a few brands to find one you prefer. Use Olivani or rice bran spreads instead of butter. Try out the different vege sausages in the chiller at your supermarket.

Relax and have fun! you can still enjoy delicious treats and indulge in cakes, biscuits, chocolate, burgers and crisps - there is more to life than lentils!

You can dine out in some of New Zealand's fantastic vegan/veggie restaurants and cafes, plus most other eateries have options which are easy to modify. Also look out for the V stickers in restaurant windows. Check out the eating out page for more details.

Avoid products tested on animals. See the lifestyle resources page for tips.

Avoid wool, silk and leather. A list of vegan shoe shops and online stores are in the resources section of this site.